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Tips to Help Simplify the Homebuying Process

Tips to Help Simplify the Homebuying Process

Owning a home is a major financial undertaking and can be an important component in building generational wealth. Centennial Bank wants to make what can be a lengthy and complex process as effortless as possible.  We have local lenders ready to show you what to expect so you can access your needs and find suitable options to finance a home of your own.

Whether you are refinancing or purchasing your home, Centennial Bank can help you determine:

  1. The ideal loan amount and products to meet your budget considerations. We can review the mortgage process in detail and flag ideal programs and loan features.
  2. How mortgage rates, the loan amount, property taxes and insurance premiums affect payments. This will help you establish a budget to manage your homeownership expenses.
  3. Your rights and obligations under your mortgage contract. Today’s consumers have many financing options—each with unique stipulations outlined in the fine print.
  4. Suitable government-sponsored programs.  Federal homeownership and home-buying assistance programs are available for consideration. 
  5. Additional resources to help you create a budget and set financial targets.  Financial education resources on budgeting are available on our website at  Additionally, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides homebuyer education tools at  

Homeownership helps establish community ties, creates financial stability, and builds a nest egg for you to enjoy in your golden years.  Our lenders are local decision makers that can provide a lending hand to help guide you through the process and improve your outlook as an informed buyer.

For more information on how Centennial Bank can support your homeownership needs, visit or contact your local branch today.