New Card? No Problem.


It just got easier to stream, watch, listen, shop, and subscribe to all your favorite online brands. Now, you can update your preferred method of payment for digital services, like Amazon, Venmo, Spotify, Verizon, Walmart, Uber, and dozens of others*—all at the same time, and all in the same place. 


Benefits of CardSwap

  • Automatically apply new debit or credit card information across all your favorite subscription services, all in the same place, all at once
  • It only takes 24 hours for updates to be made across all services
  • CardSwap is secure and encrypted
  • CardSwap works with both debit and credit cards

Get Started Today!

To begin using CardSwap, follow these steps:

  1. Login to online banking
  2. Select CardSwap
  3. Select "Get Started"
  4. Choose Providers Then Select "Next Step"
  5. Select Next Step
  6. Enter Card Information Then Select "Verify Card"
  7. Enter User Login Information For All Providers Selected
  8. Select "Finish"


Frequently Asked Questions


How does CardSwap work?

CardSwap applies your debit card as a form of payment across subscription and digital point of sale services through your online banking. Simply enter in card information and login credentials for your various subscription and digital point of sale services, and the new preferred payment information is verified and applied to the selected subscription and digital point of sale providers in real time.

How long does it take a card to be updated with a vendor? 

Allow 24 hours for the payment info to be updated. In many instances it takes only a few minutes to see changes. Many vendors will notify you by email to inform you that your payment information has been updated.

What kind of payment can I use in CardSwap?

You can use any debit card or credit card as your preferred payment.

I currently use my debit card to pay for some services and my credit card to pay for other services. Can I use both in CardSwap?

Yes, you can upload multiple debit and/or credit cards to CardSwap and designate which services you would like associated with which card.

Is CardSwap available in the Centennial Bank mobile app?

Yes, you will have the same experience across all of your devices.

I have accounts with several of the vendors in CardSwap but all are billed through a third party site. Can I still add them to CardSwap?

Many services can be billed through third-party sites such as Apple/iTunes and Amazon. You will not need to add each of the vendors in CardSwap; you will only need to add the third-party vendor through which your services are all billed.

What happens if I delete a service from my CardSwap dashboard?

You will no longer be able to update payment information for that account within CardSwap. Please note that deleting an account from your CardSwap dashboard does not remove your payment information from that account. To remove your payment information you would need to log into that account.


*The listed companies are not sponsors nor endorsers of this product.