At Centennial Bank, we are committed to helping you protect yourself from fraud. Should you encounter fraud, phishing or smishing scams, or identify theft, we provide guidance on how to notify us and necessary steps to take toward resolving the issue quickly.

Dispute a Transaction

If you’ve noticed a suspicious or unauthorized charge on your account, it’s a good idea to contact us quickly to dispute the transaction. Learn more using our detailed guidance for what you need to know before contacting us, as well as what to expect during the process of disputing a transaction.


Report Lost or Stolen Cards

Report a lost or stolen card by immediately calling at 1-877-755-2953, visiting your local branch, or logging into Online Banking or the Mobile App and sending a message to Report a Lost/Stolen Card. "Message Us". 


Get Help with an ATM Shortage

In the event you experience an issue with an ATM withdrawal, we can research your claim. It is likely we will reach out to you for additional details.

For your reference, we have listed several common questions that will assist us in researching your ATM issue. Please include answers to these questions, where applicable:

  • Was the ATM a Centennial Bank ATM, or another financial institution?
  • What occurred during your transaction? (Examples below)
    • Was there a time delay/did the ATM pull the cash back in?
    • Was there no cash dispensed?
    • Was the amount dispensed less or more than your account was charged?
    • Do you recall an error message displayed on the ATM?


Report Email and Text Message Fraud, Phishing or Spoofs

Fraudulent emails, text messages and websites designed to elicit your personal information can be very sophisticated and deceiving. Fraudulent emails and texts, known as “phishing” or “smishing” can look very similar to Centennial Bank communications. If you see suspicious emails, texts or online requests asking for information or actions regarding your financial information, do not click on the links or reply to the messages. If you believe that you have received or replied to a suspicious email and provided private information about your Centennial account — including one-time codes, usernames, passwords and PINs — please contact us immediately at 1-731-669-3900 or via email at [email protected].


If you suspect fraud, it's important to call us immediately.