Card control, convenience, and safety. Experience it on our mobile app. 

With our new and improved mobile experience, you can

  • Turn cards on and off
  • Set debit card transaction limits
  • View spending insights
  • Receive fraud alerts



Learn the "How To's" of Card Controls


Get Started

  • Login to the Centennial Bank mobile app
  • Tap Menu
  • Select "Card Controls" to get started
  • Turn your card on/off.
  • View any recent transactions.
  • Swipe through the carousel to add or view additional cards.
  • Add your card to your digital wallet (Apple Pay or Google Pay).
  • Scroll down for more options:
    • View digital card, including your card number.
    • View spend insights.
    • See which merchants store your information. 

Set Up Card Controls

  • Tap "Controls and Alerts" to choose how your card is used.
  • Use controls to manage
    • Locations
    • Merchant Types
    • Transaction Types
    • Spend Limits
  • Enable "My Location" to limit transactions to your phone's GPS, and "My Region" to set geographic boundaries. You can also block all international transactions.
  • Select the merchant types you want to allow by tapping the toggle for each. When finished, "Apply."
  • Select the transaction types you want to allow by tapping the toggle for each. When finished, "Apply."
  • Spend Controls put a cap on your spending by limiting transaction amounts. Turn on the toggle, enter your desired amount, and "Apply."

Report A Lost or Stolen Card

  • Tap "Manage Card" under your missing card.
  • Tap "Report Lost or Stolen."
  • Specify whether the card was lost or stolen and add additional notes. Tap "Next."
  • Tap "Continue" to disable your card.
  • Then tap "Contact Us" to dial our customer service line. We'll get a new card on its way. 

Add Travel Plans

  • To add upcoming travel plans, tap "Manage Card," then "Manage Travel Plans."
  • Tap "Add Travel Plan" to add the countries and U.S. states for your trip.
  • Enter your destination(s), dates of departure and return, and tap "Submit."
  • Once submitted, it will display on the "Manage Travel Plans" screen. You can edit or delete it at any time.

View Merchants, Recurring Payments, and Your Card(s) on File

  • To see which merchants store your card, tap "Card on File" under Card Details. 
  • "Recurring Payments" shows merchants that have your card stored for subscription services, like video streaming or utilities.
  • "Card on File" shows merchants that have stored your card for future use, like online shopping or ride share services.
  • Tap on a merchant to view their details, including any recent transactions and their contact information. 

Add Card to Your Digital Wallet 

  • To add a new card to your digital wallet, tap the "add to wallet."
  • Your card information is prefilled. Just tap "Next" to add it to your digital wallet!
  • Once added, you'll see a confirmation screen. Tap "Done" to return to your mobile app.