Never Assume You're Immune!

70% of organizations faced payments fraud last year. That's why we offer Positive Pay - financial providers' #1 choice for fighting check and ACH fraud.

Our comprehensive transaction management system includes check positive pay, ACH positive pay, account reconciliation, and custom ACH reporting - all from one single platform. This powerful fraud detection tool helps you automate the way you monitor transactions and enables you to validate payee information, manage exceptions, and streamline your workflows. 

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Check Positive Pay

Validate Check Payments Easier and More Thoroughly Than Ever

Functionality includes:

  • Payee Match - Ensure payee name on check images matches payee name on issued check files.
  • Online Check Image Viewing - View front and back check images of both exceptions and paid checks.

ACH Positive Pay

Evaluate ACH transactions and necessity for further review

Functionality includes:

  • ACH Authorization - Define rules for preapproved ACH activity, including originating company, standard entry class, transaction type, and maximum amount. 
  • Transaction Filter/Block - Identify suspicious activity using rules similar to ACH Authorization

Also take advantage of:

  • Automated Processing
  • Exception Management
  • Account & Deposit Reconciliation
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • ACH Corporate Reporting (NOC, Returns, EDI)