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Save Time and Money With Bill Pay!


Save Time and Money With Bill Pay!

What if you could pay your bills quickly and easily without having to leave your house? What if you could pay all of your bills from one place instead of having to remember your login information for multiple websites you use to pay utilities or other bills? What if you could pay your bills at your own convenience - when you want, in “real time,” with little to no effort?

Take the hassle out of paying bills and simplify your financial life by using Bill Pay, a service located within your Centennial Bank online banking account and mobile banking app. Many people use online and mobile banking to check account balances or to transfer funds between accounts. However, if you’re not using Bill Pay to pay your bills, you’re missing out on the best part.

Manage Your Money Using Bill Pay

With Bill Pay you can receive, track, and pay all of your bills online in minutes. Make one-time payments, schedule recurring payments or set-up payment reminders.

Benefits of Bill Pay

1. It’s Secure.

When you make online payments through Bill Pay, you can pay all of your bills from a central location rather than logging in to multiple websites. One safe, secure login for paying multiple bills will limit your exposure to identity theft.

2. It’s Convenient.

Eliminate trips to the bank, post office and bill locations to pay your bills. With Bill Pay, you can pay bills with ease and at your convenience with the click of a button.

3. It Makes Managing Money Easier.

Setting up automatic payments and payment reminders within Bill Pay will help you prevent payment oversights and avoid costly late fees. You can also view payments that have been made and payments that need to be made. This will enable you to adjust your budget throughout the month.

4. It Saves Time.

Once you’ve set-up Bill Pay, it only takes a few minutes to pay your monthly bills. Simply select the payee, enter the dollar amount, choose a delivery date, and you’re done!

Bill Pay is a fast and efficient way to manage your finances and ensure you never miss a due date. Sign up today!