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Are you relocating? Moving from one home to another is hectic and remembering all of the details that go along with it can prove to be challenging. While you probably weren’t looking for another task to add to your moving to-do list, making a checklist of people you should notify when you change your address is vital.

When you think of the number of people and companies you need to contact, it can quickly get overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that a change of address needs to be listed on all of your essential accounts and mailing lists. At the top of the list of essential accounts should be your bank.

Most people believe that if their debit card is functional and online banking is accessible, then an updated street address or phone number isn’t important, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Current information including name, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses need to be updated immediately with your financial institution. If they don’t have a reliable means of contacting you, you could be missing out on some key information or notifications.

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft!

Protect yourself from identity theft by updating your new address at your bank, credit card companies and any other financial institutions where you are an active customer. Mail theft is one of the most common ways identity theft occurs, so the best way to prevent sensitive information from being exposed through the mail is to keep your address current.

Do Not Miss Fraud Alerts! 

If fraudulent charges are detected, then your bank or debit card servicer will reach out to you in an effort to prevent additional charges. If the phone number on file is not current, you might find yourself without an active debit card.

Stay Up-To-Date!

Financial institutions often communicate with customers via mail correspondence. If your address on file is not accurate, then you will not receive your monthly bank statements, debit card notices, a new debit card, and any promotions your bank may offer.

Keeping your details updated means maximizing the services offered by your bank. If your contact information changes, remember to take the necessary steps to update it at your financial institution.