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Safeguard your card!


Safeguard your card!

In today’s fast-paced world, debit cards are a must for paying when on the go. Another must is keeping your card safe from fraudsters. The Brella® app can help you do just that. Here’s just one example of how this free app is protecting cardholders everywhere.

A cardholder with the Brella app received a fraud alert about his personal checking account. Thanks to the Brella alert, he was able to quickly log in to the app and turn his card off. After that first alert, the next two fraudulent attempts were declined saving him time and frustration.

Later, another cardholder from the same financial institution received a fraud alert from Brella about her card prompting the financial institution to check on all their cardholders’ cards.

It’s a good thing they did as a wave of fraud attempts on their cardholders’ debit cards was starting, and coming on strong.

Fortunately, thanks to Brella and the quick action by the financial institution, cardholder losses were minimized. And, what would have been a large headache was reduced to a brief inconvenience.

The bottom line is Brella is saving people money and providing peace of mind. Download this powerful fraud-fighting tool today! Search “Brella Card Manager” in your app store to learn more and to download.