George Atwood

Chairman of the Board


Barry Cary

Vice Chairman of the Board


Tommy McAlpin

Board Member


Jennifer Marcus

Board Member


Jeremy Browning

Board Member


Andrea Browning

Chief Executive Officer 


Greg Parsons



Whitney McCullar

Chief Operating Officer


Laura McAlexander

Chief Financial Officer


Brent Attaway

Chief Credit Officer


Pam Inman

Trezevant City President


Tim Griggs

Rutherford City President


Jinny Culpepper

Three Way Branch Manager


Chuck Sisson

McKenzie City President


Joni Thomas

Trenton City President


Kenny Adkins

Hardeman County Community President


Debbie Moore

Bolivar Branch Manager 


Andrea Crum

Middleton Branch Manager


Tammy Tigner

Henderson Branch Manager


Stacey Purvis

Humboldt City President


Kevin McCasland

Adamsville City President